At Pamora Safaris Uganda, We arrange for all accommodation reservations in hotels, motels, bandas, cottages,  lodges, guest houses, holiday inns, residential units, safari lodgings and so much more information on where to stay in central, Northern, Western, Southern and Eastern Uganda on behalf of our clients at affordable prices on an international basis.

There are hotels available to suit whatever budget one has, therefore you will have available options. Prices are always changing so be watchful of any unclear costs during your safari. After calculating the maximum amount you are willing to spend on accommodation, then the next thing to do is search for hotels that fall within that price-rang and offer the finest services for that amount.

In Uganda, you find all ranges of accommodation options from luxury to budget hotels. Hotel prices are friendly but always vary depending on the agent. Booking hotels in Uganda is not an easy task as you may need to compare prices, get the best hotel deals and reserve with us your reliable source.