Airport Transfers

We also do airport taxi service that is pick-ups and drop-offs to and from Kampala.

Our vehicles and size are safari van (4*4), minivan (4*4) 9-14 seats, saloon car 4 seats, bus 4-28 seats, all at different prices. The airport taxi will pick you from the airport and drop you at your hotel and also help you during your movements within the city as requested and agreed upon with our company.

We also provide transportation to clients going to the national parks and other destinations outside the city too, so your more than welcome to contact our efficient and time conscious company to help you reach your destination safe, comfortable and on time.


At Pamora Safaris Uganda, We arrange for all accommodation reservations in hotels, motels, bandas, cottages,  lodges, guest houses, holiday inns, residential units, safari lodgings and so much more information on where to stay in central, Northern, Western, Southern and Eastern Uganda on behalf of our clients at affordable prices on an international basis.

There are hotels available to suit whatever budget one has, therefore you will have available options. Prices are always changing so be watchful of any unclear costs during your safari. After calculating the maximum amount you are willing to spend on accommodation, then the next thing to do is search for hotels that fall within that price-rang and offer the finest services for that amount.

In Uganda, you find all ranges of accommodation options from luxury to budget hotels. Hotel prices are friendly but always vary depending on the agent. Booking hotels in Uganda is not an easy task as you may need to compare prices, get the best hotel deals and reserve with us your reliable source.

Car Hire

Pamora Safaris Uganda offers private, tailor-made, self-drive / chauffeurs driven 4x4 cars, salon cars and rovers throughout Uganda. Our unique style of car hire allows our clients to enjoy one of a kind service whereby, they are insured (our cars).

Hot Air Balloon Adventure

A hot air balloon is lighter than air aircraft consisting of a bag called the envelope that is capable of containing heated air. Suspended beneath is a gondola or wicker basket (in some long-distance or high-altitude balloons, a capsule), which carries passengers and (usually) a source of heat, in most cases an open flame. The heated air inside the envelope makes it buoyant since it has a lower density than the relatively cold air outside the envelope.

At Pamora Safaris Uganda, we can get you into one of these Hot Air Balloons in Uganda so that you can enjoy the view and memorable experiences.

Honeymoon Packages

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. With this honeymoon package we ensure that you made the right decision trusting us with your after wedding special. After your special day, you can spend your honeymoon relaxing with your loved one in different safari destinations; get a cozy double, self contained, bed and breakfast African Cottages with daily housekeeping services.

During your honeymoon, you will be served daily continental breakfast with freshly brewed coffee or tea for two. You can also enjoy a regionally inspired menu; the restaurant is open for lunch from 12:00pm and dinner from 6:00pm. Your honeymoon package also includes a bottle of wine, beers, fruit juices and soft drinks served during your dinner or lunch as agreed upon with the booking officer.

This only applies as agreed between the Client and the Tour Operator otherwise we also allow clients to take care of their own food and beverage while we handle the rest like transportation, safari destinations and accommodation of our dear clients since some clients may want to individually handle their own food and beverage.

For honeymoon packages we believe that different couples have different taste of what they want their honeymoon to be like and as company, we encourage our clients to pick their destinations and give us what they want their safari to be like so we can advise and draw the itinerary depending on what the client specified however, we can also suggest our tailor made packages containing what to do and where to stay during your safari.

This is usually a little costly since all the safari lodges are up market as compared to the usual safari lodges. when it comes to honeymoon packages to offer look no further, we know very well what it means for a couple that's why we specialize in availing you with the best up market, luxury lodges to add the touch of softness in your romantic African safari.