"Mountains of the moon"

Mountain climbing is the most prominent activity. The park has heavily snowcapped peaks that  give a spectacular landscape of the world. Though there are a variety of mammals on the slopes of the mountain, waterfalls, hot springs, blue cirque lakes, snow clad peaks and vegetation should not be forgotten.

The park also harbors 217 bird species, 9 reptile species, 6 species of amphibians, elephants, chimps, leopards, buffaloes, cultural heritage for neighboring communities, 18 sacred sites have also been identified and preserved as sacred areas and so much more.

What to do!

Trekking nature walks

This can be done either on a 7 day trekking of central circuit or a 5 day trek along kilembe route to the southern part of the peak. However shorter hikes can be arranged.

Peak climbing

The 6 day hike is a rewarding experience, there are three major peaks within Rwenzori ranges and these are; Margherita 5109m on Mountain Stanley, Sittorio Emmanuelle 4889m on Speke Mountain and Edward 4842m on Mountain baker. Note high peaks should only be attempted by experienced mountaineers.

Nature walks

With numerous trees in the park visitors can be able to bond with nature.