"Whispers of the wild"

The park is remarkably known for its zebras, eland, impala and acacia associated bird. Common mammals are the warthogs, buffalos, oribi, defassa, water bucks, eland antelopes, leopards and hyenas also lions have returned after years of poaching. 332 species of birds have also been recorded including the shoebill.


Nature walks.

This can be conducted with an armed guide who explains to visitors about the various flora and fauna.

Game drive

This is done while in the visitors own vehicles. The park is well known for zebras and eland antelopes so get a sight of zebras among other animals in the park.

Boat rides

This is another interesting activity at the national park. While here, visitors are able to see a variety of wildlife like the crocodiles, hippos and birds like the water cormorants, fin foot and so much more.

Horse riding

This is conducted by Mihingo lodge inside the park while quad bikes are conducted but all-terrain vehicles.

Other attractions include;

Salt licks

Game tracks

Rwonyo rest camp

Rubanga forest

Conservation education center