"The Primate Capital"

This is the capital of primates in the world. The magnificent tropical rain forest of Uganda is one of the most rewarding areas to explore with 13 primate species including the red colobus monkeys, Uganda mangabey, over 300 bird species. The 180km long corridor for wildlife also harbors forest elephants, buffalos, giant hogs and antelope species.

The rewarding park also sits in the heart of Tooro kingdom in western Uganda and is only half days drive to Queen Elizabeth national park, Semuliki national park and Rwenzori Mountains.

What to do!

Chimpanzee habituation experience

The chimpanzee habituation experience is an all-day activity that allows visitors and researchers to follow chimpanzees and watch them in their natural environment without distorting their natural environment. Get the amazing experience of watching the chimps de-nesting, feeding, breast feeding, copulating, hunting, breast feeding, resting, patrolling and displaying until they build nests and retire for the day at 7:00pm (advanced booking is required)

Day hikes and nature walk

Get close contact with nature for about 2-3 hours from 8am, 10am and 2pm from Kanyanchu tourist center. Please remind your guide to show you the naked Eve and Adam tree a unique feature of Kibale national park.

Bird watching

The park contains up to 372 species of birds 60% of which have proven to be forest birds,  not only that night nature walks are also available to enable visitors  to track unique species like the bats, owl, bush babies, civets, genet cats, pottos and eastern needle nailed.

Chimpanzee tracking

For advanced booking take the pride to go in groups of 6 per group for 2-3hrs and learn more about the chimpanzees as you track.

Cultural heritage and nature trail

For up to 6 days get a great cultural heritage and trail through the tropical forest and meet the local people, get to know the scoop of their culture. The walk can start or end at Kanyanchu or Sebitoli, explore the forest during the day and run campsites in the nearing village of Kikoni, Nyaibanda and Nyakalongo. Porters can be hired to carry equipment. Come as a group because this makes the trip very excitingand interesting.

Children's activities

While at the park children above 12 years are sorted with activities like 1-2 hours forest walk, pond dipping, cyanotype photography and batik making. Parents can now enjoy their activities knowing their children are occupied and enjoying too.