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Uganda is situated at the geographical heart of African continent with a wide cultural diversity as evidenced by over 39 indigenous languages belonging to five 5 distinct linguistic groups, diverse cultural mosaic of music, Art and hand craft. The countries most ancient inhabitants are the Batwa and Bambuti pygmies in the hilly south west Uganda who up to date possesses of the hunter-gatherer culture that once occupied much of East Africa to leave behind a rich legacy of rock painting e.g.  Nyero rock shelter near Kumi District.

Uganda has a very strong cultural heritage. Many regions in Uganda have kingdoms for example The Buganda, Toro, Busoga and Bunyoro making Uganda remarkably hospitable and rich in cultures, each tribe has its own tradition dance; the Alur people from westnile have traditional Agwara dance, Bagishu have the imbalu Dance performed during circumcision ceremonies an individual initiation to man hood that picks in and around August of every even numbered year, Acholi have the Arakaraka dance and Bwora dance, the Banyoro have runyege, Banyankole perform there kitagururo

Elsewhere Ugandans’ cultural diversity is boosted in North East by the presence of Karimajongo, traditional pastoralists whose lifestyle and culture is similar to the reknowned Massia and in North West, Nilotic lauguages and cultures are rooted in what is now Sudan.

The Rwenzori foothills are home of the Bakonjo, whose hunting shrines are dedicated to a one-legged, one armed, one-eyed, Pipe-Smoking spirit known as Kalisa.

Come and visit the local communities that will expose you to an enormous cultural dances, food and handcrafts.

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