Primate Safaris

Uganda has quite a number of primates compared to other east African countries like gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys.

The mountain gorillas. These are only found in 2 national parks in Uganda that is Bwindi impenetrable and Mgahinga national park. Gorilla tracking is a must see on your African safari as it gives you quite an unforgettable experience gazing into the mighty apes, encounter birds and primates during your trek within the parks.

The chimpanzees. These are more than 5000 in Uganda and kibale national park is the ultimate destination for our look a likes along with other primates since there are more than 10 kinds of primates. One can actually track chimps, have an all day habituation experience and go for a night nocturnal walk. Other places to encounter chimps and other primates include budongo mahogany forest at Murchison falls, semuliki down the albertine rift escarpment and kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park.

The golden monkeys. These are quite rare and unique and can only be found in Rwanda, Congo and Uganda in the foot hills of virungo volcanoes. The golden monkeys have a golden body, cheeks and tail with black limbs; they weigh 10-25 pounds with a crown on their head and tail. Golden monkeys are a little hard to catch on camera but using shutter speed and lowlight should do the magic. These precious creatures give quite an unforgettable experience so hike into the bamboo forest in the foot hills of volcanoes.

Red colobus monkeys. These monkeys are social, large and red-grey with a small tufted crown. These can be found in kibale national park, semuliki national park, Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Patas monkeys. Usually found in savannah parks like Murchison falls, kidepo valley national park and pian upe wildlife reserve in northern part Uganda. These are large with light reddish coat and black strip over the eyes.

L'Hoest's monkeys. These hide in dense forests which make it a little hard to see. It is always in an upright position and not many can be found in east Africa. Destinations that give you a chance to view these are kibale national park, maramagambo forest in Queen Elizabeth and bwindi national park

Blue monkeys. Navy blue- grey like in color, white throat and white patch on the chest, they belong to guenon monkeys and can be found in all national parks but Murchison falls and Lake Mburo national park.

The grey cheeked mangabeys. They are grayish and black with a shaggy appearance, these beautiful creatures can be found in mabira forest, kibale, Queen Elizabeth, and semuliki national park.

DeBrazza's monkeys. Easily found in semuliki national park and mountain Elgon national park, they are short tailed bare faced, red-brown patch around their eyes, a white mustache and beard. Seeing these creatures would be worth it.

Black and white colobus monkeys. Best found in Entebbe botanical gardens and most national parks these are black bodied with white tail and live in small groups. Enjoy the presence of these creatures.

Baboons. In Uganda, we only have the olive baboons usually in large groups and have a dog like head; they can easily be seen on journeys to national parks and country side.

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