Mission Tours and Safaris


These are usually Christian non-profit and charitable organizations visioned to help vulnerable communities in Uganda with different opportunities and Aid to better these communities.

Most tourists are getting involved by including community visits in there African Safari to help bring the fullness of life in needy communities like Hope to Orphans through building orphanages or donating basic necessities such as Beddings, Food and Clothing’s, an opportunity to make an impact to former child soldiers and victims in Gulu, Church planting, Building schools, Medical, providing holistic care services to Ex-street children, Children at risk of HIV AIDS/Communities or families leaving with HIV AIDS.

Unlike Christian foundations that come with a sole purpose of donation to these communities, our clients are exposed to these rural communities during community visits in the travel destinations they visit specifically to learn about the culture of the locals, be entertained through dance and drama, buy a few handicrafts made by the locals and also to see the reality of life socially and economically in the rural destinations as well as take part in socializing with the local community. This is also a tour activity however donations are not a must for our clients since they pay for the community entrance and orientation which is used to better the community or organized groups in the visited destinations. Our clients are therefore advised to either tip locals or not. This is at their own will as they may please but the company is not responsible.

  • If you would like to volunteer in Uganda, we offer opportunities in Orphanages, schools and hospitals.
  • All foreign groups with intension to support local communities through donations are also very welcome, as we also take large groups for the safaris in slum areas, hospitals and orphanages as selected by donors to efficiently carry out their missions in Uganda no matter the number.



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