Walking Safaris


Walking safaris are a very interesting activity in Uganda as it exposes you to majority of the community outlook and gives you an even greater opportunity to have lots to talk about Uganda like speak a few local words, walk within the market and do some shopping or get to know how the local communities look like.

In those locations where walking is permitted, most excursions will offer the opportunity for a one to two hour walk in the vicinity of the camp. If you’ve never been taken to your feet in the bush previously then this can be quite instructive, providing as it does the opportunity to look at things – tracks, droppings, insects, bushes and trees – that rarely get seen whilst blasting through the bush in a vehicle. However it is rarely an energetic activity of the kind that the true walker relishes, and in truth may actually never stray very far from the vicinity of the camp.

Half Day Walks: More serious excursions may be undertaken in other locations, although – dependent of course on the season - it is usually too hot to walk in between about 11.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m., and hence the restriction to around half a day. As on all walks, you will be accompanied by an armed guide, although his range of experience may be limited while in local communities, the armed guy is not really necessary.

Mobile Walking Safaris: This is getting much closer to the original concept of the (modern tourist) walking safari, trying to recreate the journeys undertaken by those early. However the mobile walking safari concept often suffers from the somewhat basic nature of the accommodation used – small tents, in which standing up can be difficult, bucket showers and long drop loose. It’s a bit too basic for many people.

The Classic Camp-to-Camp Walking Safari: This truly is the ultimate walking safari experience. Rather than striking camp each day, the walk simply takes place in between two permanent camps – usually bush camps, but exhibiting a much greater degree of comfort than do fly camps. This type of walking safari underpins the principal Africa Away offerings.

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