Activity Hightlights:
Birding, Nature Walk

About 50km from Kampala city on the shores of Lake Victoria lays Mabamba swamp a habitat for the rare and vulnerable shoebills. This unique African swamp is the best place for seeing the shoebill and most preferred by visitors all over the world who have interest in bird watching especially the shoebill and other numerous birds. The shoebill was before highly hunted by not only poachers who sold them and their eggs to illegal wildlife traders but also superstitious fishermen who hunted and killed them under the belief the sight of them was bad luck and meant they wouldn’t catch fish resulting into their limited number however, these fishermen among other local occupants have been sensitized on the importance of preserving and protecting these rare species and the swamp because their existence enhances their lively hood that is; they now provide transport for bird watchers in search for these birds and the famous shoebill hence being paid. There are also a number of birds that can be sighted like the African water rail, African pygmy goose, lesser jacana, grey-rumped and Angola swallow, swamp fly catcher, yellow wagtail, hamerkop, purple heron, long toed lapwing, yellow billed duck, red crested sun bird, pied king fisher, superb sunbird, black kite, common sand piper, marsh harrier and also watch out for the web-toed sitatunga antelope that may be sighted during the exciting bird watch.

After an early morning breakfast, you shall be picked from your hotel in Kampala and head to Mabamba swamp. Upon arrival you shall be briefed by the bird guide and then get on the canoe accompanied by an experienced local paddler who knows his way around the narrow water channel where you shall view the shoebill on the exciting canoe ride. During the process, enjoy viewing countless other birds at a relatively close range. The whole bird watching experience is brilliantly exciting, adventurous and wondrous as you can’t be sure of the bird species you’re going to see on your zigzag trail; you may even see the web-toed sitatunga antelope during your bird watching excursion.

After head back to Kampala, end of excursion.

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  • Vehicle
  • Driver
  • Boat ride
  • Guide


Tips and other personal expenses.

What to bring

Packed lunch, bottled water, insect repellant, long sleeved shirt, long trouser, camera, great pair of  binoculars, light rain jacket, sun hat and sun glasses.