Do I need a visa to visit Uganda?

A visa is required for US citizens to travel to Uganda as is a passport that will be valid for 6 months after date of entry. Visas for Uganda can permit single or multiple entries.

Visas in Uganda will not determine how long you can stay in the country after entry; the length of stay will be subject to the immigration officers’ discretion at your port of entry. Typically you will be permitted to stay in Uganda for two weeks to 3 months depending on the details of your port trip.

Don’t forget Uganda imposes heavy fines if you overstay the duration of your visa so please take note of that.

What items are prohibited into Uganda?

It is illegal to bring certain items and substances in to Uganda. All travelers including those in transit through Entebbe international airport are liable for prosecution if they are found in possession of these dangerous items please check for tips and advice from your booking officer and the immigration office before you travel.

When is the best time to visit Uganda?

Best time to go: June to August and December to February (for all parks)

High season: June to September (its rarely crowded but you will need to book gorilla permits in advance)

Low season: March, April, may, October November (some lodges and camps in high rainfall close down some roads and forest trails are in bad condition)

Best weather: June-July and January to February (little rainfall)

Worst weather: March, April and may (peak of wet season)

Where is the best area to stay?

In Kampala visitors are never too far from major shopping areas and attractions’, getting around Kampala is very simple with reliable and affordable public transportation system in which most hotels are located however you can also find plenty of accommodation in ntinda, kololo, mbuya and muyenga.

Is local transport easy to use?

Mini buses are available throughout Kampala and act as a form of taxi together with motor cycles (boda-bodas) that are the easiest and the fastest way to get through Kampala the fares are usually a little expensive than the minibuses abut are affordable.

Regular car taxis are also always available, which can be contacted at+256784168148/+256392003222. It is possible to find many cabs in many places around the city.

Many buses can also be found at kasenyi bus terminal near Owino market, Namayimba bus terminal on Rashid khamis road, and horizon bus terminal near qualicell building which go outside Kampala and around the country.

What are Uganda official business hour?

The official opening hours vary from business to business, but a rough guide is that:

Most offices will open from 9am to 6pm or longer from Monday to Friday. Many will also open from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.

Banks open from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.

Restaurants tend to stay open until 11pm, while bars and clubs will close at wee hours with plenty of them operating all night particularly in popular night life areas like Kampala.

Where can I get internet access in Uganda?

Free Wi-Fi services is available at Entebbe international airport, coffee shops in town  and in hotels please consult with you concierge for or nearby location to access WI-FI most  hotels offer broadband internet access however it may involve a charge in some cases.

Are local phone calls expensive in Uganda?

No local phone calls are not expensive especially if your calling someone whose mobile number is from a similar telecom company since there are offers to subscribe to, that give you the capacity to talk for up to 1 shilling per second however for international calls there is a fair fee that is fair enough for you to get into contact with your international contacts though most clients have advanced to the use if Skype among other e-forms of communication.

Can I access tourist information through my mobile phone?

Yes. Visitors with Wi-Fi enabled devices can enjoy free browsing and downloading of content in most of their accommodation facilities and also in our safari vehicles if not interrupted by areas with poor network coverage.

In places with no internet services we may advice our client to buy a modem to ease up their internet access.

Can I get local mobile phone number during my visit?

Yes local phones are conveniently easy to access and buy in the city like in big shopping malls like Shoprite

Are credit cards widely accepted in shops?

Several ATM machines now take cards with a MasterCard and Visa as well as UnionPay Logo. Some hotels take American express.

However the whole country predominantly uses Visa. So if you depending on  your MasterCard ATM or credit card this may be a problem unless you use orient bank or Barclays bank country wide for a fee, the fee is also what your bank may charge.

Do shops and restaurants close during long public holidays?

Most shops and restaurants in major tourist areas all remain open during public holidays some of them will be closed on the  first and second days of Christmas and new year and will reopen for business to resume.

Is English widely spoken in Uganda?

Yes, English is widely spoken in Uganda and is the language of preference in the government, business and tourism sector. As visitors, you can expect to encounter minimal language problems.

Is Uganda safe for visitors?

Uganda is very safe even at night in the city people can walk at night with confidence however, to ensure your stay is a pleasant one, always take care of your belongings at all times.

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