Pamora Safaris Uganda

Pamora Safaris Uganda

Ours is a vision for a new way of touring The Pearl of Africa. Tours, Safaris, Gorilla Tracking, splendid accommodation and all modes of transportation! Uganda is so good that it gets under your skin and takes you away from yourself in a way that enchants and transforms you totally without a doubt. Nothing can be explained to the fullest, all we do is take you there and show you. You only live once, live it the Ugandan way on a sunny or rainy day. Allow Pamora Safaris to introduce you the thrills of Uganda through vibrant undertakings and/or expeditions. We are so experienced that most may call us pioneers and veterans in the Ugandan travel service providers industry. We set the pace for the rest. Almost all of our travelers to Uganda from around the world return and so we expect you too. Uganda, a nation that sparkles!

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Places and people you should see

The Pearl of Africa is the land of beauty and treasure. With Pamora Safaris, you get acquainted with a number of places and people on a first name basis. Let's take you there

Local People

Ugandan Hospitality has always been unmatched and we at Pamora Safaris can get you to make some new friends in Uganda.


Cultural Events

The cultural events have always been and are still captivating for all eyes that can see. Take a visit, grab a seat and enjoy.


Birding Safaris

Uganda is home to most of the rare bird species in the entire world. Are you a birding expert, we are too. Let's take you there.


National Parks

Our national parks are home to the big 5, you cannot tour Uganda and miss this. If you did, you missed a lot. Come to us for the best.


Bungee Jumping

Love to feel the excitement? Look no further than Pamora Safaris. We are well known for getting our clients the best spots for this thrill.



Take a trip to the equator. The people there enoy the privilege of living nd working there everyday, come and check them out.


Silver back gorillas

There aren't so many left in the world toda. But Pamora Safaris can get you upclose to oone in Uganda. Come and see for yourself.


The Source of the Nile

Come and see the source of the RIver Nile. Yes, the source is here in our homeland, Uganda. It is really incredible and sad to miss this.


Pamora Safaris Uganda

Pamora Safaris Uganda is a fully registered and licensed company founded in the year 2013 by a group of female guides passionate about travel, with an intention of providing quality centred and affordable safaris to the best destinations so as to create a unique and memorable experience to our client(s), putting in mind the principles of sustainability and the need to be the leading safari company in Uganda and East Africa as a whole. 

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